Readyfence is a no mess, no fuss solution to fencing, privacy screen and signage installation!

Digging holes and concreting in posts takes time, effort and money. Readyfence can be installed by anyone who can use a sledgehammer and a spirit level. Simply bang in the robust, heavy gauge galvanised or powder coated steel ground spikes, put your post into the fitting and tighten the bolts to create an incredibly strong vertical support. Add your railings or panels for instant privacy and security.

Ideal for fencing, screening off a spa pool, adding a feature panel to your garden or penning off animals, Readyfence ground spikes can greatly reduce your project timeline as panels can be fitted immediately.

This system has been used successfully for many years in the UK in the DIY market but also has wider commercial applications such as installing signage in remote areas or screening off trade stands at an outdoor expo or event. 


Big Bro

Post size: 100x 100mm

Finish: Galvanised Steel

Spike length: 750mm

Price: $29.50 ea

Big Bro ground spikes take a 100 x 100mm post (ideal for rough sawn posts) and suits heavy-duty or industrial applications.

Big Bro is rustproof and incredibly durable as is, or can be painted where a more refined look is required

Little Bro

Post size: 90 x90mm

Finish: Powder Coated Steel

Spike length: 670mm

Price: $25 ea

Little Bro takes a 90 x 90 post which is more a common size for dressed timber and works well in a residential setting.

Little Bro is powder coated in a neutral beige that blends nicely with a garden environment

fencing easy as 1, 2, 3..



Mark your fence line and measure for fence post installation, then simply use a post driving tool or offcut of wood to drive the spike into the ground with a sledgehammer.

Ensure the safest and most precise result by enlisting another person to help.



Check the vertical alignment of the spike frequently with a spirit level to ensure that the spike stays aligned with your fence line. If it’s out of line, twist and bang in again.



Once the box is about one centimetre above the ground, you can tap your fence post in before fixing it to the rest of the fence panel. Done!

Win a $250 Prezzy Card with Ground Spikes

Customers Old and New – Hello there!!

Here at ReadyFence we are running a competition for you to win a $250 Prezzy Card to spend on what you like – a night in a hotel, special dinner, Christmas treats or even more ground spikes!!

All you have to do is send us some pictures of your projects and the one we think is the best – we have an independent judge – wins. Simple!!

All we ask is at least one of the pictures shows our ground spike in all it’s glory, and a short precis of your experience using the ground spike would be even better.

The competition closes on 22nd November 2020 and the t & c’s can be found on our Facebook page.

So cameras at the ready, get clicking and send them in, you never know you may be wining and dining on us!!

Kind Regards,

Kath Ludford
Director of ReadyFence

Some Competition Entries

John McCarthy

Took us an easy day to knock up this gazebo, thanks to how easy it was to hammer in 6 spikes compared to digging and using concrete. It’s already proved itself against some of Northland’s windiest winds in the last year, with barely a squeak! I also used it for simple post box installation and also for my wind turbine with aid of wires.


Ready Fence allowed me to build a set of stairs that appear to float because of their subtle and sleek design.
I like the way they became more and more solid the deeper they were driven leaving no doubt they’ll last many years.


We are tenants in a Tauranga home. We werent allowed to put up a permanent fence, so we opted for the readyfence spikes instead. Only took us half a day to get this up, built it ourselves. Super easy, no concrete holes or mess! And can easily remove it once we need to vacate the home. Now our kids have the whole backyard to play in. Thanks for an amazing product!

Peter & Jan

What good timing, the project I have been working on is just about complete.

So, I have taken a few photos of what I have been using the ground spikes for. Altogether I will send you five photos – one with this email – but they are quite big (like 4Mb each) so I will send them one after the other.

I have also attached to this email a short account of my experience of using your product.

Hope the photos are what you are looking for, and thanks for the opportunity to enter the competition.

Happy Customers

“Hey guys, well 14 meters of 1.8m high fencing, two guys with hang overs, 2 hours done! What a great result, plus the Mrs is very happy. Your post spikes worked a treat... Thanks Readyfence – we will be using again."


A & E Contractors

“Great product, easy to install, looks great”

Natalie Wade

North Shore

"I am addicted to your system”

Barb Baker


"Champion, love the concept"

Ace Tewera Barlow


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