No Mess

No Digging

No Concrete

Make every post a winning post with a ground spike


What is ReadyFence?™

We are a small company in Northland that supplies ground spikes for all your post and fencing needs, rapid solutions for any fencing, posting, decking or gardening problem.

What are ground spikes?

45 micron galvanised or powder coated 4 finned metal spikes for you to erect posts quickly and easily, without the need of digging and concrete.

What sizes are available?

Firstly, we have Lil’ Bro – a 90 mm x 90mm x 650 mm powder coated spike with side bolts that are tightened to hold the fence post securely. For dressed posts.

Why Use? Ground Spikes?

  • – no concrete (approx $17 for two ready-mix bags)
  • no mess
  • no digging

Secondly, we have Big Bro – a 100mm x 100mm x 750 mm galvanised spike with side bolts for heavier duty projects. For rough sawn posts.

Secondly, we have Big Bro – a 100mm x 100mm x 750 mm galvanised spike with side bolts for heavier duty projects. For rough sawn posts.

A Guide To Fence Post Spikes

Easy to use, economical drive-in post spikes make installing fences simple. Use them where you don’t want to dig holes or use concrete. Our high-quality spikes will keep your fence secure, great-looking and functional for a long time.

Why use fence post spikes?

This useful product cuts the risk of wooden buried posts rotting – even quality treated fence posts decay to some degree over time when sitting into earth. Since fence post spikes are topped with a box that secures the base of the fence post just above the ground, you instantly cut the odds of having rot problems.

Good spikes hold wooden fence post bases securely with strong bolt-in systems, providing sturdy wind-resistant fencing that won’t sag or lean. The bolts can be removed easily if you need to remove a fence post for repair or replacement, or to alter the fence line. 

Another plus to using fence post spikes? Concreted-in fence posts can occasionally twist out of line when weather causes the ground to shift. This won’t happen with drive in post spikes.

Which type to choose? 

Drive-in post spikes are made of heavy gauge steel, so they’re designed to last for years. They prevent rust and degradation from moisture – and you can paint it to match any fencing wood colour or staining. You can also match colours with adjoining building exteriors, masonry and gates.

Choose from those that come ready-fitted with bolts you can tighten manually. The effective clamp system ensures posts are securely held in place.

How to install

The process of installing the drive-in posts spikes is relatively straightforward: 

1. Mark your fence line and measure for fence post installation, then simply use a post driving tool or offcut of wood to drive the spike into the ground with a sledgehammer. Ensure the safest and most precise result by enlisting another person to help. 

2. Check the vertical alignment of the spike frequently with a spirit level to ensure that the spike stays aligned with your fence line. If it’s out of line, twist and bang in again. 

3. Once the box is about one centimetre above the ground, you can tap your fence post in before fixing it to the rest of the fence panel. Done!

Help & advice

If you need more information please get in touch with us. Our specialists will be happy to offer help and advice and can provide you with a free quote.

Panel fences built on our spikes by Wood Products NZ in Whangarei

Hey guys, well 14 meters of 1.8m high fencing, two guys with hang overs, 2 hours done!

What a great result, plus the Mrs very happy

Your post spikes worked a treat, couple of tricks when hitting in the spikes to stop them from twisting, sorted.

Thanks Readyfence – we will be using again.


A & E Contractors

“I am addicted to your system” (bought 24 spikes)
Barb Baker BOP

“I love this idea”
Lili Mann

“Champion, love the concept”
Ace Tewera Barlow, Northland

“Great product, easy to install, looks great”
Natalie Wade, North Shore

Do You Have A Question?

Ready Fence
14 Kotare Heights, Kerikeri, Northland 0230

Tel 021 0294 0516

Email [email protected]

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